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Privacy Policy

Credit Access Business Privacy Policy

In the course of doing business with this Credit Services Organization (“CSO”) and Credit Access Business (“CAB”), CUSTOMER shares non-public personal and financial information with CSO-CAB. CSO-CAB treats the information as confidential and recognizes the importance of protecting CUSTOMER from unauthorized uses of CUSTOMER’S personal information. CSO-CAB is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of CUSTOMER’S information. Accordingly, CSO-CAB has adopted a privacy policy in accordance with federal regulations. CSO-CAB collects personal information that CUSTOMER provides to CSO-CAB or CSO-CAB’s application forms, and through information CSO-CAB obtains over the course of CUSTOMER’S business relationship with CSO-CAB. The information may include name, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security number, names of family members, assets, account balances, investments and current or prior tax information and other information. CSO-CAB may also collect information from consumer reporting agencies. CSO-CAB does not sell CUSTOMER’S personal information to any third parties. CSO-CAB does not disclose CUSTOMER’S personal information to third parties unless:

  • CUSTOMER has given CSO-CAB authorization to disclose the information.
  • It is necessary to process a transaction or service CUSTOMER’S account(s), or
  • As otherwise required or permitted by law.

CSO-CAB maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect CUSTOMER’S personal information. CSO-CAB limits access to CUSTOMER’S personal information to those employees who need to know the information in order to provide CUSTOMER with appropriate service.


This policy replaces any privacy policy previously delivered to me or appearing on your website, any transaction agreement, application, loan document or any other document previously delivered to me. If there are conflicts between this Policy and any other policy you have delivered to me. the terms of this Policy shall control until revised. Blueknight Financial LIc is serious about protecting your privacy. This notice is provided to you on behalf of Blueknight Financial Llc, and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates. All information transmitted, printed or otherwise submitted to you by me shall be deemed to be your property and you shall be free to use such information for any lawful purpose described herein, and for other purposes as required or permitted by law.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully: This notice provides important information about the way Blueknight Financial LIc collects, shares, and protects my information. This privacy policy applies to anyone who applies for or uses your products or services, or visits your websites, including, but not limited to, current and former customers. You must notify me about your sharing practices when we establish a customer relationship and each year while I am a customer. A customer relationship begins when I obtain a financial product or service from you. A customer relationship terminates when I pay off a transaction in full.

Information You Can Collect From Me: I agree that you can collect personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to, non-public personal information, as well as other types of personally identifiable information from me and from other sources as described herein (collectively, “My Information”). Your primary goal in collecting My Information is to provide me with efficient, accurate, and customized financial products and services. My Information also helps you personalize and improve my customer experience with you..

How You Can Use My Information: You can use my information to:

  • To provide me with products and services I request;
  • Offer me additional products or services, from you or from others, that may be of interest to me;
  • Comply with all reporting and other legal requirements;
  • Enhance my experience at your websites;
  • Process payments and update account records; – Analyze customer demographics, payment histories, and preferences;
  • Conduct statistical analyses; and provide your advertisers with editorial or feedback information.
  • Analyze customer demographics, payment histories, and preferences;
  • Conduct statistical analyses; and
  • Provide your advertisers with editorial or feedback information.

Sharing My Information: I agree that Blueknight Financial LIc may share or sell my information with any other Blueknight Financial LIc Related Companies (collectively, its “Affiliated Companies”) and with other companies with whom any Blueknight Financial Llc Related Company does business (“Non-Affiliated Third Parties”) as permitted by law and described in this Privacy Policy. Affiliated Companies and Non-Affiliated Third Parties may use My Information for any legal purpose, including, but not limited to, developing and promoting new or joint products, improving existing products and services, and contacting me to offer products and services that may be of interest to me. You may also disclose My Information, as described above, to companies who perform services on your behalf or to other financial institutions with which I may have joint marketing agreements.

Blueknight Financial LIc may also disclose my information to Affiliated Companies and Non-Affiliated Third Parties that provide services to you (“Service Providers”). You may contract with service providers to perform certain functions on my behalf. Examples include database providers who assist in identity verification, credit scoring companies, magazine publishers, retailers, and direct marketers. Their access is limited only to the personal data needed to perform their functions, and only for the purpose of performing those functions, and they are prohibited from using or disclosing My Information for other purposes. You may also release my information if it becomes necessary for compliance with the law or to protect the rights, property, or safety of your websites, your users, or third parties. In addition, you may reserve the right to use and disclose My Information that is not in individually identifiable form as you would deem appropriate in your sole discretion.


Automatic Information and Cookies From Me: You may receive and store certain types of information whenever I interact with your websites. You may use “cookies” to obtain certain types of information when my web browser accesses your websites and when I login, such as: my name and my email address. Cookies are pieces of information that are transferred to my computer’s hard drive via my web browser. They allow you to provide me with a more convenient and personalized shopping experience by recording information about my preferences.

My Right to Limit the Sharing of My Information: I have the right to direct Blueknight Financial LIc to not share My Information with its Affiliated Companies and/or Non-Affiliated Third Parties (i.e. “Opt-Out”). Please note that even if I Opt-Out, Blueknight Financial Llc may still share My Information with its Affiliated Companies and Non-Affiliated Third Parties as permitted or required by law. Also, Blueknight Financial LIc may share information it collects regarding its transactions and experiences with me with its Affiliated Companies. Blueknight Financial LIc may also share all information it collects about me with Affiliated Companies and Non-Affiliated Third Parties: to facilitate providing your services to me, to administer your business, in order to receive services from those companies, as permitted under joint marketing agreements, and as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Blueknight Financial Llc is delivering this notice to me on behalf of itself and all other Blueknight Financial Llc Related Companies. You may limit how Blueknight Financial LIc Affiliated Companies use My Information Blueknight Financial LIc shares with them. Federal law gives me the right to limit some but not all marketing from Blueknight Financial LIc Affiliated Companies. I may limit Blueknight Financial LIc Affiliated Companies from marketing their products or services to me based on My Information that they receive from Blueknight Financial Llc. This information includes my income, my account and payment history, and my credit history, report or score.

Opt-Out Information and Notice: To limit Blueknight Financial LIc sharing of My Information with Affiliated Companies and Non-Affiliated Third Parties, as described above, I can contact you on the web: or email: .

Unless you hear from me, you can begin sharing my information thirty (30) days from the date you first deliver this Notice to me. However, I may still Opt-Out at any time by contacting you. Once you receive my Opt-Out request, you will stop sharing this information as soon as reasonably practicable. My Opt-Out request will remain in effect until I notify you otherwise in writing. How You Protect My Information: You can restrict access to my information from those employees who do not need to know that information to provide products or services to me. You will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard My Information.

Your Right to Contact Me: You reserve the right to contact me regarding my account status and changes to subscriber agreements, your privacy policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to me. By visiting your websites, I understand and agree that you may contact me at the phone number or email address I provide to you through your websites or on my transaction agreements, applications, loan documents or any other document to assist me with your product or to discuss other products and services that a Blueknight Financial LIc Related Company may provide for me.

You Do Not Collect Data from Children: The information and services provided to you or by your affiliates, sponsors, and advertisers, are not intended to be viewed by children (under 18 years old). No information collected from children is knowingly collected or used for any purpose whatsoever, including marketing and promotional purposes, either inside or outside Blueknight Financial LIc Related Companies.

Statement as to the Availability of Nonprofit Credit Counseling Services I may want to consider other sources to obtain credit services. There are numerous local and national nonprofit credit counseling organizations, which may be found in my local telephone directory. For example, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (1-800-388-2227) is a national network of nonprofit centers, dedicated to helping people learn how to budget better and use credit wisely.

Your Right to Change This Policy: You reserve the right to change this policy at any time by either providing me a revised copy of the policy, or notifying me of the existence and location of the new or revised privacy policy.

WHAT IF I AM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE ARMED FORCES? I understand that you must comply with 10 U.S.C.A. § 987 et seq. and Texas Finance Code § 393.625, which provides important protections to active duty members of the Armed Forces and their dependents. To ensure that you comply with these regulations it is required that I notify you if I am: a regular or reserve member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, serving on active duty under a call or order that does not specify a period of 30 days or fewer; or, a dependent of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty because I am the member’s spouse, the member’s child under the age of eighteen years old, or are an individual for whom the member proved more than one-half of your financial support for 180 days immediately preceding the date of this Contract.

_______Yes, I am active duty military or a dependent of active duty military.

_______No, I am not active duty military or a dependent of an active duty military

For more information, including information about additional rights, I can go to http://www.ftc.gov/creditor I may write to: Consumer Response Center, Room 130-A. Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20580.


 BORROWER SIGNATURE My signature below indicates my confirmation that I confirm I have read and agree to the terms and conditions noted above on this Agreement Form. Borrower’s Signature